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Hello and Welcome to!

I am Jordan Grace, and I love music!!!

I dream in music.

I think in music. 

I sing, play, and dance to music. 

I love music because it brings joy, inspires creativity, and is healing to the spirit. Most of all, I love God, His creation, and I am thankful that He created music! Sometimes while outdoors, I close my eyes and take the time to enjoy God’s Symphony Orchestra — from the singing of the birds and the occasional flapping of their wings, the rustling of the trees and the swishing and the whistling of the wind, to the seasonal pitter-patter of rain drops and the booming roar of thunder. Whatever the season, I can never get enough of this wonderful orchestra! As God’s creation, I feel blessed that He placed music in my heart. I hope to be able to tell His story through my music and in all that I do. 

Thank you for visiting Here, I will share my adventures as I explore my most favorite musical genres—Classical & Musical Theatre! You’ll get to see what I’m up to, listen to some of the music I’m working on, and watch some of my recent performances. I may even share my take on performances I’ve seen and heard, what I’m reading, and more! 

I invite you to come by often, so let’s keep in touch! 

Jordan Grace 

P.s. My friends call me Gracie! 



“In my thirteen years of teaching, I have never come across a student quite like Jordan. At her very young age, music seems to be bursting out of her in all directions. She has a talent, passion, intensity, and focus that makes it so that she progresses incredibly quickly. Jordan’s work with me is classically focused with a musical theatre element and a strong theory foundation.”
— Elizabeth Whitney, Owner at Skylark Voice Studio
Jordan is wonderful and so talented, with beautiful piano touch and musicality! I see her great future in music!
— Ketevan Dzneladze, Faculty at Golden Key Piano School
Jordan is a real gem; so talented
— Rebecca Comerford, International Opera Singer; Founder & Director at Ojai Youth Opera
Jordan is so gifted! Praise God! I will lift her up in prayer...
— Nicole Mitchell, International Opera Singer & Performer