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“In my thirteen years of teaching, I have never come across a student quite like Jordan. At her very young age, music seems to be bursting out of her in all directions. She has a talent, passion, intensity, and focus that makes it so that she progresses incredibly quickly. Jordan’s work with me is classically focused with a musical theatre element and a strong theory foundation.”
— Elizabeth Whitney, Owner at Skylark Voice Studio
Jordan is wonderful and so talented, with beautiful piano touch and musicality! I see her great future in music!
— Ketevan Dzneladze, Faculty at Golden Key Piano School
Jordan is a real gem; so talented
— Rebecca Comerford, International Opera Singer; Founder & Director at Ojai Youth Opera
Jordan Grace is a special girl with many extraordinary talents, with poise, and a playful curiosity beyond her years. I am highly impressed by her musicality, her openness, and her awe-inspiring work ethic. Though small in stature, she sings and plays with monumental joy and passion... She has an artist’s heart, and is a giving, graceful, passionate, and highly sensitive and ambitious musician. Her voice is strong and mellifluous, and her artistic choices instinctive and intentionally-meaningful. She is a delight to work with and a kind-hearted young talent the world needs.
— Nicole Mitchell, Opera Singer and Teaching Artist